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Super Bowl 2024: Insights into the commercials


Whether you’re a die-hard football fanatic or just in it for the halftime show and all those snacks, it’s widely known that the Super Bowl captures the interest of millions.

And while many tune in to watch the sport, the game isn’t just on the field. For many, it’s the commercials that steal the spotlight. In fact, we found that 21% are interested in the game, and an equal percentage are more interested in the commercials. And with companies splurging millions of dollars on these precious spots, we dug into what people want from their Super Bowl ads experience this year.

Our pre-game analysis uncovers what Americans want from those creative masterpieces this year: 

A good laugh

First and foremost, people want to laugh. With over half (60%) of Pulsers favouring funny ads, comedy remains a timeless and effective way to engage the Super Bowl audience. 

Moreover, when we asked Pulsers to put on their director hats and come up with their own ideas for a commercial. The open-text analysis ✨ added, ads that deliver laughs tend to be more memorable and entertaining. As one respondent expressed, “It would have to be something funny. I always remember the hilarious ads.”

A nostalgic touch

27% of Pulsers also favor ads that bring back nostalgic feelings. Specifically, a nostalgic theme that touches on the familiar and simpler times amid rapid technological changes and societal turmoil. 

A surprise turn

22% of Pulsers would like to see unexpected endings. While a captivating start is key, it’s equally crucial to ensure the ending holds a surprise if you want your ad to linger in the viewers minds long after that final whistle.

Curious to explore further insights on the upcoming Super Bowl commercials?

This is just the warm-up. We’ll be gathering viewers’ thoughts on some of the major ads debut and sharing our findings in this blog and LinkedIn.

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