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Here’s How It Works:

1. Tell us what you’re interested in. We’ll notify you when a survey that fits your personality and background is available.

2. Fill out a survey while you’re out and about. Each Pulse survey takes less than 1 minute to complete.

3. Earn points and coins. The more you Pulse and give your honest opinion, the more money and XP you make over time.

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About OnePulse

We are a market research app that lets you earn cash by answering short 3 question “micro” surveys called Pulses all 365 days of the year.

From breaking news and pop culture trends to shopping habits and brand preferences, we want your voice to be heard. 

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OnePulse App FAQ

What kind of questions am I asked?

Great question! You can expect to be asked your opinions on specific topics, views, events and behaviour. Fancy the skinny latte over the frothy cappuccino? You could find yourself having to choose during a Pulse. Besides being asked questions about your favourite coffee, you’ll be asked for your opinions on which packaging brands should use for their new product range, to the breaking news right down to that Netflix show everyone is talking about and everything in between. Trust us; you’ll never be bored of Pulsing! 

How do I level up?

That is simple – by answering pulses. You can increase your earnings via XP (experience points). You’ll earn up to 6XP per Pulse you complete. Each level requires a certain amount of XP to reach the next one and increase your reward per paid Pulse you complete. The more you Pulse and give your honest opinion, the higher your level will be, and you will earn more money.

How do I cash out?

Once you have $20 in your account balance, you can cash out via PayPal in real-time. There’s no waiting around; it will be in your PayPal within seconds! We don’t hold any of your rewards back; you’re entitled to every cent for your opinions and thoughts.

What about privacy?

Nothing to worry about here. All of the Pulses answered across the community are anonymous. We do not keep your data, and we certainly do not pass it on to the companies who curate the questions.

For more information, check out our privacy policy.

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From public policy to brand innovation, to purchase habits and social media trends, OnePulse’s powerful insights platform can help you get real answers from real people in minutes.