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OnePulse is an online survey tool and consumer insights platform that turns market research into an engaging, real-time conversation. Talk to people while they're living their lives and get honest opinions in less than 15 minutes.

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Businesses that dare to question everything

Tyson Food

Real answers from real people

Every workday is filled with endless decisions. Become a smarter, more informed business by taking a pulse of what consumers think anytime you need answers.

How OnePulse works

Our consumer insights tool is designed to be used by anyone across your business – not just the research department.

Write Questions.
Write 3 questions, define your audience with 65+ demographics and send your Pulse out into the world.

Notify Members.
Targeted community members algorithmically receive a push notification to answer your Pulse.

Instant Results
Watch opinions appear in seconds. Then dig even deeper by sending out a follow up Pulse to consumers.

Direct access to an always-on community of real people

Unlike traditionally outsourced research panels, the OnePulse community is comprised of 600K+ consumers who are motivated to share their opinions on the latest news, trends, brand perception and more.

Our online survey tool is a fun gamified app experience that leads to engagement levels 40% higher than the industry average.

average time for 500 answers
Questions answered by community per month
consumer panels
data points

Get the answers you need on any topic – the sky’s the limit 🚀

Stay on top of how your brand is perceived against your main competitors.

Plan ahead by only investing in creative concepts that resonate with your target audience.

Check in with consumers during each stage of the product development cycle.

Ask people about their purchase behaviors, attitudes and habits to inform your campaign ideas.

Impress potential clients with relevant insights no one else in the industry has yet.

Learn what consumers think about your next great idea and whether they would buy it.

Empower your business

The OnePulse online survey tool empowers over 400 brands, agencies, and publishers. Gain confidence by making the very best business decisions possible and allowing more time for insight and action.

A dedicated community, not just a panel.

Bite-sized Pulses to fight survey fatigue

Intuitive online survey tool

Real-time results dashboard

Dynamic use of modern demographics

Research turned into conversation

OnePulse’s online survey tool creates genuine

conversations between consumers and businesses 🗣️


Whether you’re developing a new product, understanding brand awareness, or something else entirely, get insights that matter.


Stay ahead of your competitors with incomparable market insights. Pitch your ideas with quick data points that back up your ideas.

Media Publishers

From politics, entertainment and everything in between, find out what people really think of the latest world news, events or trends.

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