A powerful insights engine

Get smarter, faster, more actionable market research.

What sets us apart

Best-in-class product

AI Pulse creation

Draft a Pulse in seconds using our AI-enhanced editor that harnesses the power of 12 billion data points to help you write smarter questions.

Open-text analysis

Unlock a rich insight into recurrent themes and subtle nuances with AI-powered open-text analysis.

Auto translations

Gather insights from people in 50+ countries in their native language and receive your results back in yours.

Multiple question types

Choose from 8 question types with up to 12 answer values and seamlessly embed images, videos, and web links into your Pulse.

AI-powered result analysis

Elevate your understanding with AI-powered result analysis and uncover key insights, findings and recommended actions.

Downloadable results

Share your Pulse results with colleagues and clients through dynamic, downloadable raw data exports and charts.


Continue the conversation with follow-up Pulses based on your initial findings with a retargeting rate of 90%-95%, compared to an industry average of <5%.

What sets us apart

Instant access to a global community

High-quality data

Our consumer app and community-centric approach guarantees our audience is engaged and motivated, resulting in high data quality.

70+ targeting variables

Connect with your target audience by selecting from 70+ demographics, consumer habits, lifestyles, and traits.

50+ countries

Tap into the minds of 125 million people as they go about their daily lives to find the answers you seek.


Flexible enough for
a variety of research needs

Consumer insights

Measure your brand's awareness and perception compared to your competitors.

Market insights

Test and validate your ideas and get feedback before you move from pitch to production.

Product/brand research

In just hours, you can better understand your product or brand’s awareness, use, perception, preferences and purchase behavior.

Concept/ad testing

Gather insights at every stage of the process; obtain awareness, recall, and/or preferences for your product or service related to your marketing, messaging, packaging, pricing, and naming.

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