Case Study
by: Candyd Casidid
Jun 29, 2023
2 min read

How Vodafone Stays Connected


Vodafone is powered by the need to go fast and stay connected. They want to create a digital society that includes everyone. As part of their product development, they turn to real people to influence innovation in real-time.

Here is how we helped Vodafone stay connected.

The Challenge

When Vodafone became the first UK broadband provider to offer a Wi-Fi 6E-enabled router, Vodafone wanted to ditch the typical numerically focused naming system for something more premium and more human-sounding.

The Approach

The team was considering a list of possible names for the new product, so they used OnePulse to get consumers’ thoughts on each one. They gathered unfiltered opinions by using open-text questions to ask what came to mind.

During this exploratory approach, they uncovered the impact of the potential names on consumer perception. More specifically, they learned that consumers wanted to see convincing product names—they valued clarity and authenticity.

The verbatim feedback they received from the open text questions also showed them the market’s expectations for the technical abilities of the Wi-Fi router: high speed and power.

While it was great that consumers felt the brand emulated those strengths, Vodafone wanted to ensure the new router also came across as top-tier.

They continued to brainstorm names and Pulsed again, using the ranking system to determine which name sound the most premium.

The Solution

A few Pulses later, they landed on the name ‘Ultra Hub’—which consumers perceived as a premium product with speed and strength.

Vodafone used OnePulse to continuously ask questions, trusted the consumers, and made use of the platform’s agility to iterate and innovate until they had a name that worked.

Other Use Cases

Today, the telecommunication company continues discovering insights, validating ideas, and challenging doubts. Vodafone continues to achieve the following:

  • Prediction into consumer awareness, familiarity, and excitement for different technology trends.
  • Insights on environmental concerns, sustainable habits, and decisions.
  • Keep up-to-date with consumers’ challenges amid the rising cost of living prices.

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