by: Fausto Fratelli
Oct 19, 2021
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10 Indisputable Benefits of Mobile Online Surveys for Forward-Thinking Brands


Why You Should Add Mobile Surveys to Their Market Research Toolbox

There are currently around 4.88 billion mobile phone users in the world. This means that a staggering 61.90% of people across the globe own a mobile phone! 

Couple this with the fact that surveys are the most widely used market research method, it’s no surprise why mobile online surveys have become so popular with brands today. 

While extensive access to your target audience is just one of the many benefits that mobile online surveys can bring to your company, there’s a lot more to it.  

In fact, when utilised effectively, mobile surveys can give you all you need and more to drive your brand and business forward well into the future. Plus, leave your competitors scrambling to catch up. 

The provide a multitude of benefits for your respondents, which in turn creates a positive impact on your brand! Read on to discover what these specific benefits are.

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With Mobile Surveys, Your Participants Can Benefit From:  


1. Completing surveys at their own convenience 

Today’s customers and consumers are exceptionally busy people. Therefore, finding an opportunity to attend a face-to-face research session (even before the coronavirus pandemic), or even just sit at a desktop to complete an online survey, can be difficult. 

With a mobile online survey, however, it takes mere seconds for respondents to pick up a phone and tap or type in their answers. This means it can be done on the go, from anywhere there is an internet connection – and in the time it takes for a cuppa to brew or less! 

The OnePulse solution is particularly powerful in this regard, as the app sends participants a notification when an appropriate survey becomes available to complete rather than requiring them to search through to find Pulses on their own.

2. …And when they do, it’s straightforward

Desktop surveys can be fiddly to complete, as they are often formatted in different ways. For example, they can include various types of checkboxes, text boxes, drop-down menus or even different fonts and colours.  

With mobile online surveys, however, everything is as simple as a few thumb taps and strokes! The OnePulse app, for example, has been designed to ensure everything is user-oriented and takes accessibility into account. This experience encourages a variety of participants to return to the app. 

3. Not falling under the influence of (or influencing) other participants or interviewers

In face-to-face research circumstances, online focus groups or online communities, there are numerous ways in which a participant may become influenced by researchers or other participants. Indeed, psychology research has found that people’s personal behaviours can differ when they become part of a group.

For example, participants may alter their answers to research questions based on what they think a researcher wants to hear, rather than by what they actually feel, or may feel unable to express their ideas due to a fear of embarrassment. 

Mobile online surveys, however, are completed alone, and (as is certainly the case with OnePulse surveys) are done so quickly that there is no time to feel influenced by anyone else! Results are consequently more genuine and honest, and therefore more representative and actionable.  

4. Having the opportunity to see the survey results right away

Unless participants ask, they sometimes never see the results of the research or surveys they take part in. This can be disappointing, particularly with surveys, as people are often curious about how their answers compare to other people’s. 

Mobile surveys spin this on its head, however; as the results come in so quickly, participants will have the chance to see them as soon as they complete the survey themselves.  

The OnePulse app, for example, displays these in interactive pie and bar charts. Participants can tap on to see the percentages of people who gave the same or different answers to them.  

Here are a couple of examples: 

5. An overall enjoyable and fun experience.

Unlike other methods of research, mobile surveys can be easily gamified in order to make the experience more enjoyable for participants. As a result, and as stated in this “Ready Consumer One” article:  

“When people are enjoying what they are doing, they are more likely to participate the way you want them to.” 

For example, the OnePulse solution achieves this by rewarding participants with “experience points” (XP) whenever they complete a survey; as they gain more XP, they “level up” (as shown by a loading bar on the app home screen). 

Participants can also see how much more XP they need to reach the next level. The higher the level they are, the greater the monetary reward they receive for survey completions.

As a Brand Using Mobile Surveys, You’ll Benefit From:

1. Instant access to a larger and highly representative selection of respondents

As noted above, mobile surveys allow you as a brand to connect with your ideal consumer. And not just in your own country, but across the globe! 

With the OnePulse app, for example, the members of our community who are most relevant to your brand (based on over 60 demographics) will receive a notification straight to their phone as soon as your survey launches.  

As a result, these surveys receive response rates of nearly 40%, compared to the industry response rate average of just 1%! 

2. More mobile survey participation in the future 

Because mobile surveys are relevant to the people who receive them and are quick and fun to complete, your participants will be much more likely to want to remain involved for the long haul. 

The OnePulse solution takes this one step further with its retargeting capabilities. With retargeting, you can gather more in-depth insights from the same respondents based on the answers from your first survey.  

3. Higher-quality and honest responses in real-time

As noted above, participants are not influenced by anyone around them when completing mobile online surveys, and can complete them in their own time. This means you will be more likely to receive honest, “in the moment” answers that you can then effectively implement for your brand.  

4. Immediately available results through instant data capture

Just as participants can receive results as soon as they complete their survey through mobile, so can you – all of which you can show to key stakeholders instantly! 

The OnePulse solution again takes this to the next level by providing easy-to-read analysis, from word clouds to charts and much more. 

5. Significantly lower costs than hiring an agency

While there are numerous benefits to hiring a market research or insights agency for your brand, it, unfortunately, gets expensive very quickly – and can often result in you having less control over your research.  

At the same time, results can take a while to come back, meaning that your insights will be implemented much later down the line – at which point, your consumer’s views and opinions may be irrelevant.

In contrast, mobile online surveys are inexpensive to run, grant you greater control throughout the process, and the results can be returned right away!  

As you can see, there are multiple benefits to using mobile online surveys for your brand…

However, these only just scratch the surface! If you’d like to see the true level of potential that mobile online surveys can offer your brand, we can show you this with a free demo of the OnePulse solution

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