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Get actionable consumer insights at the speed of light. Easily build, launch, and analyze a survey all in the same day.

Who’s using OnePulse?

Consumer Insights for Brands

Get consumer insights in minutes – whether you’re developing a new product, understanding brand awareness, or something else entirely.

Consumer Insights for Agencies

Stay ahead of your competitors with incomparable insights. Pitch your ideas with comprehensive and quick data points that back up your ideas.

Consumer Insights for Media Publishers

From politics to entertainment and everything in between, get a pulse of what people think of the latest world news or events.

OnePulse helps businesses keep a pulse of consumer opinions and behaviors at all times

Accurately and regularly measure brand awareness or communication.

Test ideas long before they go to market continually, iteratively, and quickly.

Appropriately respond to feedback and current events.

Improve customers’ journey to purchase.

Do you like shopping for jeans?
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What style of jeans do you prefer?
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Which jean wash do you wear the most?
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OnePulse’s unparalleled online survey tool will support your organisation with:

Brand Perception & Tracking

Stay on top of how your brand is perceived against your main competitors.

Proposition & Concept Testing

Test your concepts and evaluate viability before taking it into the next stage.

New Product Development

Check in with consumers during every stage of the new product development lifecycle.

New Business Development

Get the killer insights you need for your pitch, even if it’s the morning of your meeting.

Insight on demand

Get quick feedback or reactions to current events, plus anything else you can think of.

Creative Testing

Get immediate consumer reaction to videos, images, creative messaging and more in real-time.

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