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OnePulse allows people to speak up on topics that matter right now. And by speaking to people who are in an environment that encourages honest feedback, you’ll gather data that has a more valuable impact on your decisions and business results.

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OnePulse is built for the real world and for real people. It captures powerful and usable insights by asking questions in-the-moment, when people are living their lives. To the community, OnePulse is not a survey app, but rather an opportunity to share and compare opinions in a simple way without information overload.

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Gather responses through OnePulse’s user-friendly mobile app in minutes. Define your target audience based on 65+ demographic and lifestyle filters, then push your survey live. Pulsers that fit the bill automatically receive a notification straight to their pocket. Response rates to a Pulse are nearly 40%, compared to a 1% industry average.

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OnePulse is a daily source of content, covering everything from news and sport to new products and pop culture. Upon completing Pulses on these topics, our community cashes in with either app experience points to climb levels within the app, or small monetary rewards.

My own millennials community. Anyone born between 1981 and 1996.

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