Your voice has power

OnePulse is so much more than just a survey app. We believe life is too short for long, boring surveys. That's why every Pulse is just three questions.

Influence some of the world's biggest brands by simply being yourself. Share what you really think about the latest news and trends without a filter. And earn some fun money along the way.

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OnePulse is a community of people just like you. Every day, Pulsers share their opinions on the things that matter most to them. Download the app in the US or UK to get started.

Get rewarded for your honesty

Stay on top of the latest news and trends

Compare your answers to others in the community

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Transform the brands you know and love

You don’t need a social media superstar to be an influencer. You can be a Pulser and directly influence the brands you love and use every day.

How it works

1. Tell us what you’re interested in. We’ll notify you when a survey that fits your personality and background is available.

2. Fill out a survey while you’re out and about. Each Pulse survey takes less than 1 minute to complete.

3. Earn points and coins. The more you Pulse and give your honest opinion, the more money and XP you make over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

A full list of community FAQ can be found here.

What is a Pulse?

A Pulse (micro-survey) is a set of up to 3 questions that make you think. Some are paid (marked $) & some are XP only. With every Pulse you complete, you’ll earn experience points (XP), and the more XP you have, the more you’ll earn per paid Pulse.

What kind of topics can I expect to be asked questions on?

The short answer is everything!

From your shopping habits, reactions to the news, life being a parent (or pawrent!) right down to fun controversial debates (i.e. is Die Hard really a Christmas movie? 👀). There are few topics that we don’t Pulse about!

How do we make it so fun, you ask? Well-known brands such as TikTok, M&S, Netflix, and Coca-Cola use OnePulse to keep in touch with the people who matter most: you. In addition, our very own OnePulse Community Engagement team sources new and exciting content for you 365 days a year.

Read more about how your voice has Power here!

How long does it take to complete a Pulse?

In most cases, a Pulse is completed in under one minute. Occasionally, some brands may ask you to watch a short video before you answer their questions, so these Pulses will take a little longer. But on the whole, Pulsing is very quick, easy & can be done anywhere as long as you have a connection to the internet.

How much can I earn?

For each Pulse completed, users can earn experience points (XP) or monetary rewards. The more you answer, the more XP you’ll collect and level up to earn bigger rewards per paid Pulse! Users can currently cash out $20 every 30 days.

“Quickest surveys I’ve ever taken and for the most currency.”
“Brilliant polls and always something different and fun.”
“I actually see the difference I’m making to companies.”


About OnePulse

We are a market research app that lets you earn cash by answering short 3 question “micro” surveys called Pulses all 365 days of the year.

From breaking news and pop culture trends to shopping habits and brand preferences, we want your voice to be heard.