by: Lois Fearne
Aug 21, 2023
4 min read

Anywhere. Anytime. Anyone.

Our mobile-first approach isn’t just about cutting-edge technology. It’s about connecting you with consumers as they go about their daily lives whilst respecting their time and engaging in easy-to-understand conversations.

Did you know our on-demand community answers every Pulse on their iPhone or Android device? 

Our mobile-first approach isn’t just about cutting-edge technology (though that’s pretty cool too). It’s about connecting you with consumers as they go about their daily lives whilst respecting their time and engaging in easy-to-understand conversations. 

So, what are the benefits of a mobile-first community for your insights? 

Real-time insights at your fingertips
When was the last time you left home without your phone? Exactly. The mobile revolution is here, with 89% of consumers preferring to complete surveys on their mobile devices. Now add in a sprinkle of push notifications. The result? Oh-so-timely insights that empower data-driven decisions.

It’s not just a survey. It’s a way of life. 
Our community is seamlessly integrating Pulsing into their daily lives. 76% of the community catches up on the latest news through the OnePulse app before anywhere else. So say goodbye to someone stuck at a desk answering surveys – our mobile-first approach aligns with today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Rich media integration
From testing your latest ad to fresh packaging designs, adding images or videos to your Pulse is a walk in the park, thanks to our mobile app. Oh, and here’s a fun fact: when we asked the community what enhances their Pulses, images took the number one spot.

The truth unveiled without bias
95% of the community feel totally comfortable expressing their raw, unfiltered opinions through OnePulse. So wave buh-bye to the biases that often cloud face-to-face interactions – mobile surveys offer a haven for candid insights that paint the true picture.


But wait, before you go! We tapped into the stars of the show themselves (aka our community) to uncover some ingredients to elevate your mobile-first insights:

A Picture is worth… Well, you know
Complex concepts can be challenging to articulate through text alone, and adding images (or videos, for that matter) can bridge the gap by providing context and clarity. And let’s not forget images can trigger emotional responses resulting in juicier insights.

Less is sometimes more
Long questions are often winding paths leading to misinterpretation or confusion. By keeping your questions and answer options to the point, not only do you respect Pulser’s time, you enhance the clarity ensuring the insights you collect are accurate and actionable.

💡An element of our successful engagement model is due to our conversational tone of voice. Pulsers feel like they’re talking to a friend who genuinely wants their thoughts. So don’t hesitate to infuse a chatty tone into your questions!

Offer a glimpse into the ‘why’
The ‘why’ isn’t just a curiosity; it’s an engagement igniter. 35% of our community told us they’d love a glimpse into the ‘why’ behind the questions as it makes them feel a part of something bigger.

A short intro message and an image can work wonders for this. Think of it as a warm-up act that excites Pulsers to engage, share, and connect with you. 

Where appreciation meets insights
A simple ‘thank you’ in the end message isn’t just politeness; it’s acknowledging the Pulser’s time, opinions, and efforts. Fun fact: 1 in 4 Pulsers cherish that little note of appreciation.

Pulsers are a curious bunch, always longing to learn more, so feel free to include links in the end message of your Pulse so they can find more about your brand or the product/service you just Pulsed about.

Playful titles but serious insights
Pulses can be the key to success, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun! A playful title can evoke emotions, memories, or experiences that resonate with Pulser. It creates a personal connection, making them feel like the Pulse was designed with them in mind.

While a fun title is captivating, ensuring it remains relevant to the Pulse content and is not leading is important.

For more tips and tricks on what makes an engaging Pulse and things to keep in mind before hitting send. Check out these handy guides: 

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