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by: Lois Fearne
Apr 29, 2024
3 min read

The Marketing Pulse: Pet marketing

Explore the effectiveness of pet marketing campaigns from the UK and US, and learn how these insights can drive your marketing success.

In the ever-evolving marketing world, staying ahead means deeply understanding consumer preferences and crafting marketing campaigns that resonate, not just reach, your audience. 

Welcome to The Marketing Pulse, a monthly blog series dedicated to analysing consumer reactions to the latest marketing campaigns from the United Kingdom and the United States. Utilising the OnePulse platform, we’ll provide real-time, actionable consumer insights and practical tips to help enhance your marketing strategies.

April’s edition zeroes in on pet marketing, coinciding with National Pet Month—a time celebrated by pet lovers to acknowledge the joy pets add to our lives and the importance of responsible pet ownership. This month, we’ve looked closer at how pet-themed marketing campaigns perform…

IKEA x Ingo The Agency: “Don’t Worry, You Can Afford It”

This campaign from IKEA, crafted with a blend of humour and realism, skillfully highlights the everyday realities of pet ownership. 

  • Real-life resonance: About 46% prefer ads that portray realistic scenarios, strengthening their connection with the brand.

  • Humour’s impact: A key tool for engagement, humour was highlighted by 34% as a factor that enhances message retention and brand recall.

  • Diversity demand: A significant 58% call for more diversity in pet representation, aiming for a reflection of broader societal inclusivity in advertisements.

RSPCA x Jones Knowles Ritchie: “Respect”

The British animal charity RSPCA introduced a new branding strategy, moving away from shock tactics to adopt an inspirational approach during a challenging economic climate.

  • Inspirational vs. shock tactics: 53% preferred inspirational messages, which they found more compelling for driving engagement and support, while 17% still saw value in shock tactics.

  • Charity advertising impact: Despite economic challenges, 70% expressed a high likelihood of supporting RSPCA’s initiatives after engaging with their campaign, underscoring the effectiveness of positive messaging.

Freshpet x Terri & Sandy: “I’m a Dog Mom”

Featuring pop icon Meghan Trainor, this campaign aimed to emphasise pets’ nutritional needs through the lens of a dedicated “dog mom.”

  • Charming, but possibly alienating: While many admired the campaign’s charm, labelling it as “super cute,” others felt it missed the mark by overly targeting millennials, alienating broader demographics.

  • The human-pet bond: 85% of dog owners appreciated the focus on the pet-human relationship. 54% wanted more content that underscores this dynamic, indicating a strong market preference that could increase consumer spending.

  • Musical influence: 42% noted that including a memorable tune in an ad significantly boosted brand recall and favourability, highlighting the strategic use of music in marketing.

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