About Us

We challenge the status quo of the research industry. We challenge our clients to question the way they make decisions. And we challenge our community to stay informed in the world of fake news and constantly learn more about the world around them.

How it started

Shocking election results, inexplicable social phenomenons and conversations about how to better understand “Millennials” or “Gen Z”. Companies need to know what their audiences really think, want and need. At the same time, people want to make their voice heard but feel like nobody is listening.

We thought it was time for a new solution. A platform that anybody could interact with and make their opinions heard. A tool for ordinary people to amplify their voice and for modern companies to hear them. And so OnePulse was born.

What makes us different

Our platform does something no other market research company does: it puts people first. The user experience of our respondents and clients are of the upmost importance. We have built a community, not a panel, of real people who want to discover and share their thoughts on the things they care about.

Our community is engaged and ready to answer anything and everything you might want to know, meaning you’ll have insights at your fingertips in a matter of minutes.

And we’re not just talking about the research department; we believe insights should be accessible across your business. That’s why our intuitive, self-service platform is designed to be used by anyone. Because there are few things as powerful as insight in the room at all times.

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