Community Manager Appreciation Day


To celebrate Community Management Appreciation Day, we’re sitting down for a chat with the expert pulling the strings, our Community Management Manager, Lois Fearne.

We dig into the key thing that keeps the OnePulse community buzzing, reminisce about the moments that make being part of the team truly special, and uncover the theme song that captures the spirit of community.

If you had to sum it up, what’s the key to ensuring the OnePulse community stays active?

In a nutshell: Keeping it human. Our community reflects us – everyday people like you and me. So, we’ve made it our mission to maintain that genuine connection in everything we do. Pulses (those are surveys, in case you’re not in the loop) are short and sweet – three questions max, because who has time for marathon surveys? And no fancy jargon; we keep it chatty and straightforward. But the real deal? We’re a no-judgment zone, so everyone’s voice is heard. Even if you’re that brave one who loves pineapple on pizza – no judgment, promise!

What moment in your work here made you go, ‘Yes, this is why I love being part of this team’? 

When Pulsers take time out of their day to reach out to share how much they enjoy being a part of the community or how their daily dose of Pulsing has been a shining light through tough times (…or a way to pass the time at work!). Knowing we’re adding a dash of joy or a pinch of escapism to someone’s day is like getting a virtual hug, a high-five, and a sprinkle of confetti all rolled into one.

If our community were to have a theme song, what song do you think would encapsulate Pulsers?

This question is tough, so I’m passing the microphone to the real experts – our community. And according to 1000 Pulsers, THE songs (…because picking just one was too hard) that encapsulate the community is…

We Are The Champions by Queen
Happy by Pharrell Williams
I’ll Be There For You by The Rembrandts (aka the Friends theme!)

And because we love a good playlist, we’ve gathered all those song suggestions and woven them into an epic Playlist of Pulsers’ Picks! Take a listen 👇

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