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by: Candyd Casidid
Jun 12, 2023
2 min read

Ready, Set, Pack

OnePulse’s curated list of must-have items from our partners that will add an extra touch of joy to your vacation.

Ah, summer! For some of us, this means it’s time to take a break from the daily routine, commence the holiday shopping, and set off on vacation.

But before you hit the road, let’s not forget there’s packing to be done.

OnePulse has compiled a list of things you’ll want to take with you on vacay.

Fun Facts:

💡 Pulsers are pro-packers
When we asked the community about their packing style, 2 in 5 Brits identified as “Planners” – individuals who pack ahead of time because they know exactly what they need and how they will pack it. Similarly, 32% of Americans also consider themselves avid planners or over-packers.

💡 Some Pulsers are over-packers
31% of American Pulsers and 28% of Brits pack everything they might need, including the things they don’t plan to use. They’d rather be safe than sorry.

💡 Then there are I’ll-do-it-tomorrow-packers
On the flip side, 15% of people embrace a more carefree way of packing, leaving it until the very last min and consequently jetting off with forgotten items.

Let’s get packing

Now that we’ve uncovered some interesting tidbits about packing, we want to share some items from our friends that you can pack in your travel bags to add an extra touch of joy during your trip (pro-packers get your wishlist ready…):

  1. This Works’s Stress Check Breathe
    An on-the-go aromatherapy rollerball to keep you calm and collected while on the move.
  2. Drunk Elephant’s Littles
    A set of travel-friendly skincare for a.m. to p.m. that cleanse, exfoliate, nourish, illuminate, and restore your skin’s health.
  3. Method’s Cedar + Cypress Travel Collection
    This mini bundle includes personal care essentials that will bring the warm and woodsy scents of the great outdoors into your shower.
  4. Bioré’s Aqua Rich UV Water-Based Sunscreen
    A feather-light waterproof sunscreen known to be super hydrating without that sticky feeling finish.
  5. Estrid’s Razor Case
    A silicone razor case to keep your razor safe and clean…in style.
  6. UGG’s Classic Slip Ons
    A pair of ultra-lightweight slip-ons to slide into and out of will make travelling more comfortable.

Happy packing!

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