Case Study
by: Candyd Casidid
Sep 04, 2023
2 min read

Empowering news publishers with timely insights


The OnePulse community is made up of real people who are highly motivated to share real-time opinions on news, trends, brand/product perceptions, and more. You read right: Pulsers loveee to keep themselves updated with the news, and on OnePulse, the community are able to stay in the loop with the latest buzz––thanks to our content and community management team.

In fact, when we ran a Pulse check to find out what truly motivates users to join the community, we discovered that 1 in 4 were enticed by the concept of staying updated with the news. And when asked to pick their favourite Pulsing topics, 73% of Pulsers selected the news.

With Pulsers primed to share opinions on current affairs, OnePulse is ideally suited for news providers. We help news publishers like the Telegraph, Evening Standard, Joe Media and more, connect with people and gain insights. Here are some of the ways they use OnePulse:

  1. Insights on the BIG moments
    A reputable British media house, known to deliver content that maintains a traditional yet evolving approach to journalism, used OnePulse to converse with people during big moments.
    So when the FA Women’s Super League began, they conducted a Pulse to gauge public interest, intent, and publication preferences regarding women’s sports coverage.
  2. Post-ad Pulses
    The newspaper that London dwellers pick up and read during evening commutes uses OnePulse to reach out to London-based commuters for quick checks on advertisement campaign performances.
    Specifically, they use the tool to test brand recognition, gauge ad reach, and test interest in topics for future content.
  3. Brand and content check-in
    A digital media publisher known for its humorous and satirical content uses OnePulse to regularly check in on both the wider audience and their readers’ perceptions of its brand and content.

News flash

OnePulse helps publishers connect with people and gain valuable insights on current affairs, ad testing, and consumer perceptions.
And with so many Pulsers ready to jump into timely news discussions and armed with the latest knowledge, it only makes sense for publishers to opt for OnePulse, don’t you think?

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