Creative Testing

What if you could remove even the slightest doubt before you launch your next campaign? Don't waste another dollar or minute on a concept that won't resonate. Test and validate your ideas in real time and get feedback before you move from pitch to production.

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run an A/B test on creative.
validate a video ad.
optimize my messaging.
test a storyboard.
get package design feedback.

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Confident creative concepts

Capture the attention of your audience and ensure that your messaging hits the mark every time by gathering feedback in real time.

Get unvarnished, unfiltered feedback from verified consumers in real time. Our always-on community is ready to voice their true opinions. OnePulse gets you answers with speed of a focus group and without the biases that distort results.

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How does this ad make you feel about the brand?
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Reap success while guessing less

Guess less for more success

Gather crucial insights prior to launch and maximise ROI down the line.

Valuable feedback in minutes

Check in with your target during and after a campaign to understand what resonates best and what isn’t working.

Fine tune your approach

Test different iterations of your creative to see which images, videos or copy will have the highest impact.
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“OnePulse is a revelation. Never has testing hypotheses with real consumers in real-time been so easy, cost-effective, insightful, fast and fun. I think every planner should use this as part of their research toolbox.”

– Strategy Director, BBH