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by: Lois Fearne
Feb 05, 2024
3 min read

But first, love yourself!

For Brits, self-love means a holistic embrace of physical and mental well-being. Think about good personal hygiene, healthy lifestyle choices…

As we dive into the month of love, we’re flipping the switch on the norm, so you won’t find your typical stats like what percentage are swiping their credit cards for red roses or playing the last-minute gift-buying game. Because we’re turning the spotlight onto the ultimate love affair…


But why the departure from the Valentine’s norm, you ask?
Well, our 2024 resolutions research found that Pulsers are committing to putting themselves first, showing much more kindness to the person in the mirror, and creating a sanctuary of well-being in their homes this year.

So, let’s spill the tea on what our Brits think about self-love.

Defining self-love. Brit style! 
For Brits, self-love means a holistic embrace of physical and mental well-being. Think about good personal hygiene, healthy lifestyle choices, and activities that boost mental health. It’s all about accepting oneself, setting boundaries, and sprinkling self-love on those flaws.

BIG stat alert. 92% of Brits say self-love is essential for overall well-being… But do they practice what they preach?
A quarter of Brits are riding the self-love wave, but two in three admit there are parts of themselves they’re struggling with. But it’s a journey, not a destination, right?

What causes the doubts to creep in?
Personal achievements (53%) and childhood experiences (51%) lead in shaping self-perception. These factors have driven ‘Brits’ struggles to embrace themselves fully. But what else is in the mix? Media and societal standards (34%), highlighting the need for campaigns promoting diverse and realistic standards of acceptance from our favourite brands.

Enough negatives, back to the positive stuff.
Practicing self-love not only boosts mental health for 59% but also enhances interpersonal relationships for 44%. Increased confidence and self-esteem? Yep, 54% confirm the magic. Personal growth? Absolutely. And an impressive 1 in 2 feel an overall boost in life satisfaction, all thanks to their self-love habits.

Pulsers tips & tricks for learning to love yourself more in 2024:

  • “I talk to people to try to see myself through their eyes as I know that they don’t see the negative things I see about myself.”
  • “I do put myself down, but then I think to myself there are people with deformed bodies, and I’m critical of myself. Get a grip; you’re lucky.”
  • “I just try to let negative thoughts pass like clouds in the sky.”
  • “I try to write down how I feel about myself and self-analyse to better understand myself.”
  • “When I notice negativity, I change negative thoughts to positive.”

Here’s to a February (… and a lifetime) of embracing ourselves and learning to love every bit of who we are.

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