Quickly evaluate the viability of new ideas

Compare and contrast the appeal of different product concepts among your target audience in minutes. Use consumer insights to test, validate and iterate on ideas so you can bring winning propositions to the market fast.

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Invest your time on good ideas

Learn what consumers are most interested in and how they behave early on so that you only spend your time and money on the best propositions. 

What is your go-to sandwich order?
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What kind of bread do you prefer with a turkey sandwich?
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Are you willing to pay extra for avocado on a sandwich?
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“We’ve been using OnePulse regularly for the last couple of years. It has allowed my team to make decisions and validate assumptions at a speed we never thought possible. It’s changed the way we do business.”

– Head of Shopper Insights, Marks & Spencer


Concept testing with OnePulse will empower you to:

Make decisions backed by consumer data

Tap into consumer opinions at different stages of the product development cycle – from initial idea generation to design, testing and more.

Get quality insights as you iterate

Feel confident that you’re creating a product that will resonate with consumers by sending short surveys each time you make a change to a concept. 

Dig deeper into consumer opinions

Ask follow-up questions to the same group of consumers in order to understand their point of view in more detail and de-risk your decision-making process. 

Begin validating your propositions and product concepts today

Build and launch your first survey same-day. It’s that simple with OnePulse.

Bite sized, three question Pulses to fight fatigue.

Instant results from a global community of consumers.

Intuitive platform experience built to be used by anyone.

What is your go-to sandwich order?
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to A/B test different concepts.
data to improve a product concept.
to tap into consumer opinions frequently.
to understand how consumers behave.

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Get live insights

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