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Embrace curiosity and action with agile consumer insights. Make smart business decisions backed by research you collected today, not last year.

How our real-time surveys work

Gather agile consumer insights, three questions at a time. Then dig even deeper by retargeting respondents anytime with follow up questions.

Write your questions

Send up to 3 questions at a time with retargeting functionality. Pick from 8 question types to suit your quantitative and qualitative research needs.

  • Add up to 12 answer choices, or ask an open-end
  • Add pictures, videos and/or links to other media
  • Allow comments and/or shuffle answer options
What’s important to you when buying cosmetics?
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What sofa colour would you most likely purchase?
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How would you describe OnePulse?
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Choose your target audience

Build your ideal audience using 65+ unique behavioral and lifestyle filters. Then select your group size, from 100 to 5000 respondents.

  • Apply 6 filters per Pulse, such as age, gender, income, pets and location
  • Target by individual values within a demographic, or segment your data later
  • Screen and put respondents into their own Custom Channel
A community for everyone on OnePulse. Join this group to get all paid and unpaid Pulses. We know what we’d do.
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See Results in Real-Time

Watch your Pulse results come in LIVE. Hit send, then sit back and watch respondents give their honest opinion in real-time.

  • Ask follow-up questions based on answer choice and other factors
  • View closed Pulse data by toggling data based on demographics you applied 
  • Download raw user-level data and summary data
Which of the following have you purchased in the last 12 months?
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Real, reliable, robust consumer insights.

Ensuring authenticity from panels has always been a challenge in traditional market research. At OnePulse, technology and content work together to build and maintain an engaged, verified community you can speak to with confidence.

Algorithmic audience management

We monitor each respondents’ activity and attribute a confidence and validity rating to every user. That way you only speak to an audience you are confident about.

Encryption technology

Our enterprise-grade infrastructure ensures all client and user data is secure. As a member of MRS and a Fair Data partner, we take our commitment to data security very seriously. And of course, we’re fully GDPR compliant.

Honesty through engagement

Our users see OnePulse as a content and news destination, so it’s in their best interest to build a truthful profile to ensure they receive content that’s relevant to their interests.

“For insights you can’t get through Google.”

Get live insights

With OnePulse, it’s easy to get 500 responses in as fast as 10 minutes. Book a trial to start Pulsing for free.