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A game-changing experience that’s surprisingly easy

OnePulse is specifically designed to defy the norms of traditional research. Every Pulse (survey) is just three simple questions, which means you can say goodbye to survey fatigue and hello to insights.

Core features include:

8 question types with up to 12 answer choices

Pictures, videos, and links to other media

Open-ended answers and comments

Fastest-in-class retargeting

Not sure where to start? Check out this quick guide for writing your first Pulse!

How likely are you to attend a multi-day music festival this year?
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Very Likely
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Option 2
Option 3
Very Unlikely
Option 4
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When attending a concert or music festival, how do you prefer to purchase your tickets?
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Event Website
Option 1
Band/Performer Website
Option 2
Mobile Ticketing App
Option 3
Box Office
Option 4
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How much are you willing to spend on tickets?
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Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
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An always-on, active audience

We make it easy for real people to share their authentic opinions. The mobile-first experience fits into the palm of their hands, so they can answer on the go or on their couch. 

Create custom audiences with 65+ demographic filters and 50 countries

Immediately retarget respondents to continue the conversation

Reach external audiences with survey links, QR codes or via email

Real-time “aha!” moments

Send your Pulse right away or schedule it for later. Results begin to populate within seconds of launch.

Our easy-to-use dashboard makes it easy to dig into the data. You can filter responses by demographic, retarget respondents, or export the results to share with other stakeholders on your team.

Interactive dashboard with responsive visuals

Downloadable data and shareable links

Instant retargeting by response or answer value

Custom channels

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