Product Development

Remove uncertainty by getting customers involved from the get-go.
Quickly iterate on ideas, and bring winning products to market.

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to test product-market fit.
opinions on package design
to scope out product names.
validate product attributes.
product pricing guidance.

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Understand your target’s needs and behaviors in minutes

Gather insights during every stage of the product development process. Give your brand a clear path to success by minimizing the risk of launching a mediocre concept.

Explore different directions to find the most viable way forward. Iterate and refine your concept and its features. Get real-time consumer feedback to evaluate your chances of success.

Have you ever had natural wine?
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Fill in the blank: “I would be interested in wine infused with ____.”
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What do you care most about when shopping for wine?
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Cut your research & innovation timelines by up to 99 percent

Save time

Instantly uncover helpful consumer feedback and general hesitations. Avoid going back to square one.

Ideate with confidence

Provide assurance to stakeholders with direct input from likely buyers. Retarget and re-engage to continue to iterate.

Increase profitability

Whether your market research needs are ongoing or one-time only, OnePulse’s survey tool is flexible enough to fit your launch schedule and budget requirements.
Have you ever had natural wine?
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Streamline your product development process

Idea validation

Find out if consumers will actually
buy your product or what problem you need to solve for.

Product and UX feedback

Determine which aspects of your product are performing well and which require extra attention.

Concept testing

Ask consumers how they feel about your concept and which aspects matter to them most.

Customer satisfaction

Understand if consumers are happy and satisfied with your product.

Competitor research

Stay on top of what’s going in in your industry to identify new areas of business growth.

Pricing research

Discover the sweet spot between revenue, profit and what your target customer is willing to pay.

“OnePulse is a great tool to get reliable consumer feedback in real time and in a very cost-effective way. It improves decision-making processes and allows us to have unbiased business conversations supported by consumer insights”

– Associate Director, Shopper, Johnson & Johnson