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Achieve a wide range of goals with the power of actionable insights in real time. Our versatile platform makes it easy to build, launch, and analyze a variety of surveys all in the same day—sometimes in the same meeting.

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Who’s using OnePulse?

OnePulse can be used across a variety of industries and experience levels. From interns to seasoned professionals, OnePulse puts the power of research in the palm of your hands.

Brands & Businesses

Whether you’re developing a product or building a user journey, you can understand behaviors, validate ideas, test designs, and more.


Enhance your work with incomparable insights. When your ideas are backed by quick and comprehensive data, you can pitch your ideas with confidence.

Media Publishers

From politics to entertainment and everything in between, get an instant understanding of how current events are impacting people in real time.

Keep your finger on the pulse of consumer opinions and behaviors with a survey you can run anytime, anywhere

Accurately and regularly measure brand awareness, attitudes and usage

Test ideas long before they go to market and iterate in real-time

Keep up with shiftingbehaviors and preferences

Understand the impact of current events as they happen

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Make better decisions that are backed by data, so you grow your business with confidence

Brand Perception & Tracking

Track your brand against your competitors.

Proposition & Concept Testing

Test concepts and evaluate viability.

New Product Development

Validate ideas at every stage the innovation lifecycle.

New Business Development

Nail your next pitch with live consumer insights—even during the meeting.

Insight on Demand

Get quick feedback or reactions to current events.

Creative Testing

Get immediate feedback for videos, images, messaging and more.

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We offer a variety of partnership opportunities, from industry professionals and small creative agencies to large business consultancies.


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Integrate a customized OnePulse offering into your services. Talk to us about selling OnePulse to your clients.

Product Partnership

Can you see OnePulse being integrated into your business process? Whether you’re looking at a wider research program or a media planning approach – we’d love to hear about it.