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“OnePulse is a really fast way of getting credible, same day insights that can help shape key business decisions. There have been numerous occasions where we have used these insights to have much more meaningful conversations with customers.”

– Commercial Brand Manager, Coca-Cola European Partners


The insights capabilities provided by OnePulse will empower you to:

Confirm your hypothesis with data

Whether developing an article, or simply reinforcing business decisions, ask consumers their opinion on any topic and retarget them for further insights.

Never get left behind

Discover what consumers really think about the latest world news and events. Plus, understand how people perceive your brand and what motivates them to buy from you versus competitors.

Connect with relevant, verified consumers

Gain access to an engaged global audience at your fingertips and build the right audience for your business using 65+ demographic and lifestyle filters.

What are you curious about right now?

Ask 50 consumers any question you can think of for FREE.

Listen to in-the-moment consumer opinions today

Build and launch your first real-time consumer insights survey same-day. It’s that simple with OnePulse.

Bite sized, three question Pulses to fight fatigue.

Instant results from a global community of consumers.

Intuitive platform experience built to be used by anyone.

Do you expect brands to address issues of climate change and the environment?
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insights on consumer habits.
insights on shopping behavior.
reactions to real-time events.
insights for a business pitch.

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