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The OnePulse DIY online survey platform will enable your organisation (whatever the size) to gain valuable insight from your consumers at scale.

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How our DIY online surveys work

OnePulse’s DIY online survey solution lets you ask up to three key questions at a time. Simply define audience demographics, choose the number of responses you need, and send your Pulse out into the world. Then, witness real-time answers pour in via a self-serve dashboard. Re-target a group of respondents anytime with follow up questions and an industry-leading re-access rate.

Ask your questions

To avoid survey fatigue and ensure all responses are both quick and considered, each micro survey, or “Pulse,” is an optimized length of up to three questions. Pick from 8 question types to suit your quantitative and qualitative research needs.

What’s important to you when buying cosmetics?
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What sofa colour would you most likely purchase?
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How would you describe OnePulse?
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Choose your audience

With over 60 behavioural and attitudinal points to choose from, you can be as granular with your targeting and segmenting as you like.

OnePulse app community members are prompted to complete and update these demographics regularly, meaning you can spend less time and money on screening respondents.

Our agile platform allows you to instantly access consumers across the globe, in dozens of markets.

A community for everyone on OnePulse. Join this group to get all paid and unpaid Pulses. We know what we’d do.
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Send your Pulse

Our mobile-only response platform means we’re talking to people while they’re living their lives, allowing us to limit dwell time and avoid post-rationalisation. There is no one around to impress and no external influences, just them and their personal phone.

Relax Time

Get your results

Sit back and marvel as your answers start to appear in seconds. You can filter responses by data point instantly, or re-access respondents with further questions. We also offer built-in sentiment analysis for qualitative questions to help you gain an extra layer of insight.

Which of the following have you purchased in the last 12 months?
Out of 500 responses

Real, reliable, robust.

Ensuring authenticity from panels has always been a challenge in traditional market research. At OnePulse, technology and content work together to build and maintain an engaged, verified community you can speak to with confidence.

Algorithmic audience management

We monitor each respondents’ activity and attribute a confidence and validity rating to every user. That way you only speak to an audience you are confident about.

Encryption technology

Our enterprise-grade infrastructure ensures all client and user data is secure. As a member of MRS and a Fair Data partner, we take our commitment to data security very seriously. And of course, we’re fully GDPR compliant.

Honesty through engagement

Our users see OnePulse as a content and news destination, so it’s in their best interest to build a truthful profile to ensure they receive content that’s relevant to their interests.

“For insights you can’t get through Google.”

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