Validate your product ideas and concepts in minutes with OnePulse’s survey tool

Remove uncertainty by getting customers involved from the get-go. Quickly iterate on ideas by touching base with the same, or a new group, of consumers throughout your product development process with OnePulse’s survey tool.

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“OnePulse is a great tool to get reliable consumer feedback in real time and in a very cost-effective way. It improves decision-making processes and allows us to have unbiased business conversations supported by consumer insights”

– Associate Director, Shopper, Johnson & Johnson


Turn into an efficient idea machine

Become a more people-oriented business. From early-stage concepting and package design, to pricing and go-to-market, minimize the risks of launching a new idea by getting insight from consumers during every stage of the new product development cycle with in-house consumer surveys.

Reduce your product launch timeline

Uncover helpful consumer feedback and general hesitations in less than ten minutes to avoid going back to square one on a new concept. Focus on bringing winning products to market with the help of OnePulse.

Improve confidence in your idea

Provide assurance to stakeholders on a product’s potential success by asking and retargeting questions over time to an engaging global community of thousands of likely buyers.

Increase profitability by saving money

Whether your market research needs are ongoing or one-time only, OnePulse’s survey tool is flexible enough to fit your launch schedule and budget requirements.

Streamline your new product development process today

Build and launch your first new product development survey same-day. It’s that simple with OnePulse.

Bite sized, three question Pulses to fight fatigue.

Intuitive platform experience built to be used by anyone.

Instant results from a global community of consumers.

to test product-market fit.
opinions on package design
to scope out product names.
validate product attributes.
product pricing guidance.

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