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React and respond to what’s going on in the world in a strategic way. With OnePulse’s consumer opinion platform, media professionals can ask a community of real people what they think about any topic and get actionable insights in minutes.

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“OnePulse is an invaluable tool which allows The Evening Standard to get really quick insight into our audience’s behaviour and attitudes. It’s been really useful in 2021 with the speed of change making fast turnaround a key strategic priority for our business.

Head of Insight & Data

Support your next story with quality research

Connect with real people

From shopping habits, to politics or pop culture, ask our community anything you want whenever you need actionable insights.

Stay relevant

Get the most up-to-date consumer insights on the market. Verify if the loudest voices you see online represent what the general population thinks.

Build a solid story

Whether you’re pitching a story idea, or in the middle of development, OnePulse makes it easy to gather data quickly.

Get actionable insights in minutes. It’s that simple with OnePulse.

Have you seen a Chanel perfume advert in the last month?
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Option 2
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Which of the following statements do you agree with? (Select ANY that apply):
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I am now more likely to visit John Lewis because of the advert
Option 1
It encouraged me to visit John Lewis’ website
Option 2
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Do you ever read any of the following online publications?
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The Guardian
Option 1
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Turn market research into a real-time conversation

Fight Fatigue

Send bite sized brand surveys that encourage competition with rates that average 40%.


Retarget the same consumers with follow up questions for deeper insights.

Save Time

Get insights in 15 minutes or less from a community of engaging consumers.

Be Confident

Our platform is built to be used by anyone, not just the research department.

What do you want to know right now?

Brand Tracking

Ask consumers directly about why they buy your products or use your services.

Creative Testing

Gather crucial consumer insight prior to launching your full marketing budget.

New Product Development

Be smart by only spend your time and money on winning concepts and propositions. 

Boost your credibility as a media professional

Our platform provides media professionals with a lifeline into what consumers are thinking at all times.

Access actionable insights whenever you need it. Learn more with a personalized demo from our team.

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