Test your marketing ideas before they go live

Marketing campaigns should both capture the attention of your audience and support consumers throughout their purchase journey. Ensure that your messaging, images, videos and design hit the mark before and during any campaign with comprehensive creative concept testing with the OnePulse solution.

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“OnePulse is a revelation. Never has testing hypotheses with real consumers in real-time been so easy, cost-effective, insightful, fast and fun. I think every planner should use this as part of their research toolbox.”

– Strategy Director, BBH


Gain confidence in your creative concepts

Capitalize on the success of your marketing campaigns by tapping into real-time consumer feedback quickly. Test, validate, and optimise your ad creative, content and much more.

Take the guesswork out of campaign success

Gather crucial consumer insight prior to launching your full marketing budget to maximise ROI down the line.

Get valuable feedback in 15 minutes or less

Check in with your target audience during and after a campaign to understand what resonates best and give a strong diagnostic on what isn’t working.

Fine tune your approach based on results

Continue testing and retargeting iterations of your creative to the same audience until you are fully aware of a campaign’s potential.

Start testing your creative and content today

Build and launch your first creative testing survey same-day. It’s that simple with OnePulse.

Bite sized, three question Pulses to fight fatigue.

Intuitive platform experience built to be used by anyone.

Instant results from a global community of consumers.

run an A/B test on creative.
validate a video ad.
optimize my messaging.
test a storyboard.
get package design feedback.

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What do you need to know right now to launch a campaign?

Get consumer insights on demand for your creative testing. Book a 30-minute intro time that works for you.