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Continuously track the health and performance of the most valuable asset you have – your brand. Measure brand ROI and how your company stacks up against competitors with our brand tracking solution.

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Easily keep up with fast moving market changes with brand tracking. Ask consumers directly about why they buy your products, use your services or what they generally think about your brand.

Which brand of ice cream do you prefer?
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Ben & Jerry’s
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Agree or disagree: “Ice cream makes me feel happy.
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Have you seen an ice cream ad in the last six months?
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“I’m really impressed with the quality of the qualitative responses coming from OnePulse.  With a more gamified research service than traditional companies like Qualtrics, I was happily surprised that there was a higher percentage of quality written responses than I had experienced in the past.  This gives me more confidence in the quantitative data that we collect on the platform.”

Consumer Insights Manager, Acast

What do consumers think of your brand

Find out by asking 50 people right now for FREE.

See how the OnePulse solution will empower your brand to:  

Test the impact of marketing initiatives

Get a snapshot of your latest campaign success and if your marketing activities have a positive effect on brand awareness and recall over time.

Identify what matters most to consumers

Boost brand loyalty by actively making product or service improvements that are backed by data and align with a consumer’s wants and needs.

Brand tracking as your business scales

Understand how you rank against your competition, the potential impact of a major new competitor and whether unexpected events affect your brand.

Discover new opportunities to grow your brand today

Build and launch your first brand tracking survey same-day. It’s that simple with OnePulse.

Bite sized, three question Pulses to fight respondent fatigue

Instant results from a global community of consumers

Intuitive platform experience built to be used by anyone.

Which brand of ice cream do you prefer?
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test marketing campaign success.
understand how to improve my product.
test brand awareness and recall.
see where my brand ranks with competitors.

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