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Continuously track the health and performance of your most valuable asset – your brand. See how your company stacks up against competitors.

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test brand awareness and recall.
test campaign effectiveness.
improve my product.
gauge the competition.

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Perception tests
in 10 minutes or less

Keep up with fast moving market changes. Get direct access to consumers and find out what they think about your brand—IF they think about your brand—who they consider your main competition, what would motivate them to choose you, and more.

Which brand of ice cream do you prefer?
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Ben & Jerry’s
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Agree or disagree: “Ice cream makes me feel happy.
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Have you seen an ice cream ad in the last six months?
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Reap success while guessing less

Guess less for more success

Gather crucial insights prior to launch and maximise ROI down the line.

Valuable feedback in minutes

Check in with your target during and after a campaign to understand what resonates best and what isn’t working.

Fine tune your approach

Test different iterations of your creative to see which images, videos or copy will have the highest impact.
Which commercial concept would motivate you most?
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“I’m really impressed with the quality of the qualitative responses coming from OnePulse.  With a more gamified research service than traditional companies like Qualtrics, I was happily surprised that there was a higher percentage of quality written responses than I had experienced in the past.  This gives me more confidence in the quantitative data that we collect on the platform.”

Consumer Insights Manager, Acast