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“OnePulse has been a great tool for our team to answer the quick-hit questions that wouldn’t be feasible for us to answer with other primary research options” 

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Brand Awareness

Find out how familiar consumers are with your brand and whether they would recommend you to family and friends.

Brand Usage

Learn about your target audience’s history with your brand and how frequently they purchase your products.

Brand Equity

Maintain a positive reputation by measuring what consumers think of you compared to other industry leader with a brand survey.

Build, launch, and analyze your same-day survey. It’s that simple with OnePulse.

When thinking of buying fitness gear, which comes to mind as your top choice?
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How often have you purchased Nike fitness clothing in the past?
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I ONLY use Nike
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How likely are you to recommend Nike products to your friends and family?
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Turn market research into a real-time conversation

Fight Fatigue

Send bite sized brand surveys that encourage competition with rates that average 40%.


Retarget the same consumers with follow up questions for deeper insights.

Save Time

Get insights in 15 minutes or less from a community of engaging consumers.

Be Confident

Our platform is built to be used by anyone, not just the research department.

What do you want to know right now?

Creative Testing

Ensure that your messaging, images, videos and design always hit the mark.

New Product Development

Iterate on ideas by touching base with the same or a new group of consumers.

Insights On Demand

Stay relevant and get the answers you need fast to any question you can think of.

Send a brand survey in minutes

Keep track of purchase intent, brand recognition, consumer perception and much more by sending a brand survey with OnePulse.

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